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About Us


Let's Get Comfortable

The Affordable Bridal Dress was born as a project to disrupt the bridal market that is often based only on very few bride types: the sexy one, the romantic and above all the skinny.

After working in the Bridal market for more than a decade we have realized that there wasn't a valid alternative for brides

who are not having a formal wedding and therefore are looking for something casual, unconventional, inexpensive.

After studying trends and needs of our customers this project was born in 2019.


Your wedding day should reflect what you truly are and

you shouldn't conform to what society thinks you have to look as a bride (oh well.. this is actually good advice for your life too). We made looks that we think can fit many different

bride type.


A wedding shouldn't be expensive because it is not a privilege, we love the idea of having affordable prices that can fit different budgets.


All the orders are fulfilled on demand because we want to leave this planet a better place than we found it: removing upfront production reduces co2 emissions and the possibilities that clothes end up in a landfill. 

Last but not least everything is sustainably made in New York.

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